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Optimize fuel usage and get rewards for eco-driving

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We promote eco driving through rewards
and fuel savings to cut CO2 emissions
and contribute to a cleaner environment

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Save over 15% on fuel costs and earn rewards

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savings and earnings


To start saving and earning you need to buy subscription providing users with the capability to accumulate OONE tokens while eco-driving

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Bronze - US$ 24.99

Save ~$2 per each 100 km

Earn additional - 8 OONE

Total savings - up to 7% on fuel

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Silver - US$ 34.99

Save ~$2.1 per each 100 km

Earn additional - 18 OONE

Total savings - up to 15% on fuel

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Gold - US$ 44.99

Save ~$2.4 per each 100 km

Earn additional - 140 OONE

Total savings - up to 20% on fuel

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Receive your invitation code, share it with friends and earn 5 USD for each referred customer

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Answers to the most frequent questions

  • What is the OONE World App?

    The OONE World App is designed to help drivers save up to 100% on fuel costs and earn rewards while driving. The general mechanics of the application are as follows:

    - You drive with the app and for every "green" kilometer driven, you save on fuel costs and earn rewards;

    - You can withdraw in-game coins at any time

  • How do I create an account?

    To create an account in the OONE World App:
    • Download the app.
    • Enter your phone number for authentication or use Google Auth.
    • Verify your phone number with the code sent.
    • Your account is ready.
    Explore the app and start eco-driving to save on fuel costs and earn rewards.
  • How do I earn money using the app?

    Each subscription you purchase comes with a maximum distance you can drive and a maximum amount of USD you can earn.

    During the current beta testing phase:
    1. Bronze subscription ($24.99): Max distance - 1500km, max earnings - 8 OONE, additional earnings ~$2 per 100 km's.
    2. Silver subscription ($34.99): Max distance - 3000 km, max earnings - 18 OONE, additional earnings ~$2.1 per 100 km's.
    3. Gold subscription ($44,99): Max distance - 15000 km, max earnings - 140 OONE, additional earnings ~$2.4 per 100 km's.
    Activate our app, start driving while adhering to the speed limits indicated on our precisely designed EcoSpeedometer. You'll save an average of 1.5 liters of fuel per 100 km and earn additional rewards for every kilometer driven.
  • What features does the app offer for drivers?

    The OONE World App presents drivers with features designed to achieve fuel and amortization cost reductions, optimizing overall spending.

    It provides the capability to monitor fleet efficiency and offers incentives for eco-friendly driving, rewarding drivers for each environmentally conscious kilometer driven.


Join us in our mission to power the world with clean and renewable energy. Together, we can make apositive impact on the environment, fight climate change, and create a brighter future for generations to come.


[email protected]
tel: +971 4 529 8310

* Indicated fuel savings being approximate estimates, we shall not be held liable for their correctness or accuracy. Interest rate designates the APY on staked OONE tokens. Staking carries risks and you may lose the entire amount of capital invested. We do not guarantee any earnings or reward. Total earnings designate potential savings and earnings combined, calculated on the basis of the price of the Subscription, which depend on your use and are not guaranteed. Nothing herein should be construed as a commercial offer nor investment advice.